BS OHSAS 18001: New certification for SEA

During the month of April SEA has achieved an important certification that emphasizes the importance that this company, in a general crisis time, focuses on continuous improvement of its structures and its management system, with a view to safety and health of its employees on work processes and in case of danger. The certification was issued by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) after a thorough examination of all the safety procedures that SEA has finalized and implemented during the last years. This certificate emphasizes the professionalism and attention that SEA has on topic like risk management, with a view to phasing out of the same. Being comply with this standard provides huge advantages:  there is a net decrease in accidents and related insurance costs, reduces turnover for the replacement of injured and exempt the company from administrative liability. It also means an increasing of the credibility and image enhancement outward, facilitating in obtaining administrative permits and an improved relationship with their staff.

A further step business transformation for a better tomorrow