The Ex-Allievi I.T.I.S. "Rossi" di Vicenza – APS Association has completed the approval process for the renovation and covering project of the Rossi external sports field.


We are proud to announce that on 7th May S.E.A. #SEAtrasformatori received the Bluemint Award from THYSSEN #tKES.
bluemint® Steel is in process to be certified by Thyssen for the reduced CO2 emission during his production phase.

Gruppo dell’Amicizia - SEA Ghostbusters

February was, as per tradition, a reason for the communities of our valleys to meet each other under a shower of confetti among various groups of masked crowds.

Trofeo Città di Asiago Under 10

Sport, as we know, has always played an essential component for the psychophysical development of human beings and is crucial in our social and family culture, thanks to its educational function.

Bluemint Steel

SEA SpA has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Thyssenkrupp ElectricalSteel to reduce CO2 emissions in its value chain.

7000 km by bike to help Michele

SEA SpA has decided to support the fundraising for the medical treatment of Michele Confente, an unfortunate boy from Montecchio Maggiore, who fell during an excursion on Pasubio Mountain and is now hospitalized in serious condition.

The ECO HV/MV transformer for ENEL

SEA SpA has recently positively tested a 25 MVA 132 / 15.6 kV transformer insulated with natural ester fluid and with aluminium radiators.

Installation of 40 MVA ONAF

SEA SpA has recently tested a transformer with rated power of 40000 kVA and primary voltage 115.5 kV and installed in Ohlsdorf (Austria).

This is the first power transformer of an important frame agreement signed with an important local utility.

Expansion of N’Dalatando substation in Angola

SEA SpA has recently supplied a transformer with rated power of 60000 kVA and primary voltage 220 kV, destinated to increase the production of electricity in Angola in the N'Dalatando area.