Transformers for a new generation of solar plant

Australia has an huge potential as a "solar energy farming country", with a very high consistent number of intense sunlight days across many areas of the nation and flat lands suitable for big solar plants arrays.

Arc suppression coils for 77 kV grid

Stockholm Ström is a joint project in which Svenska Kraftnät, along with power companies Vattenfall and Ellevio work to strengthen and renew the electricity network in the Stockholm region.

"SCP Expansion" Project

The South Caucasus Pipeline, that starts near Baku, was built to export Saint Deniz Gas from Azerbaijan to Georgia and Turkey.

Energy recovery from waste

SEA technology has been chosen for the new energy recovery facility Severnside in South Gloucestershire.

ECO+P - The Certified Quality

In a market where can be found several transformers manufacturers with no proven quality on the offered products, mainly on the real values of no-load and losses, SEA has recently performed, with extreme final success, the Complete Type Tests on the self-same dry-type transformer speciall