SEA works on transformers of third parts only if PCB-free certification is available

Testing and analysis

SEA can perform tests and analysis of the transformer status in its testing rooms. The performed tests can be standard according to the IEC 60076 or special upon customer's request. For more information please check the testing area for each type of transformer:

  • Liquid immersed
  • Dry type
  • Reactors and coils

Refurbishing and revamping

One of the state-of-the-art works of SEA portfolio is refurbishing (also called revamping) that allows to the customer to get a new transformer without changing the existing frame structure but working on the active parts. Such process integrates the design of the past with the mechanical and electrical solutions of today with the aim of increasing the performance of the transformer itself. SEA offers this service (repairing, redesigning, reconstruction of windings) both on its products and on competitor's ones, ensuring a reliable result confirmed by tests performed in its testing rooms.


In case a sudden problem occurs to the transformer you have in your production site, SEA can offer the chance to rent its all-purpose transformers in order to guarantee your production until your broken transformer will be repaired or replaced. Please contact our sales department in order to get the most suitable transformer.


SEA offers to its customers: 

  • Standard maintenance as per agreed sales conditions
  • Repairing on site bringing the home setup to the work site using special equipments and tools for any scope of work
  • Repairing at the authorized center
  • Special maintenance


Each customer can check if transformer mechanical and electrical values declared during the sale are according to the relative requests by the supervision of the internal routine or special tests performed in our test laboratories. SEA offers to the customer also the possibility to be assisted during the activities of:

  • Positioning of the transformers in the site with the reinstallation of the accessories (in certain cases they can be shipped separately than the transformer)
  • Processing the insulating liquid and filling the transformers with it
  • Checking of the correct status of the transformer after transportation, the correct assembly of each assembled device and testing the adjustment of the control systems in site
  • Energizing of the transformer 

Spare parts

One important element when you decide to buy a transformer is to be sure to get in the future the spare parts in case of any failure or damage. SEA guarantees the availability of spare parts for each type of transformer in quick time considering also the design approach that let to use interchangeable items (also from different suppliers). Most common items kept in stock are porcelain bushings.

Impact recorder

SEA offers the opportunity to monitor the whole transport of the transformers by means of an impact recorder. This equipment can record shocks and vibrations during the shipment with extreme accuracy and optionally monitor levels of temperature, relative humidity, dew point to know environmental conditions. In addition all recorded events can be precisely located trhough a GPS sensor and tampering of the instrument is controlled by a tilt and roll sensor.

Voltage quality analyzer

Device used to monitoring, recording, analyzing net power parameters and principal electric anomalies. Main measurable parameters are voltages, currents, power flow, in continuos and in transient mode. Site surveys are available to perform this analysis.

Insulating liquid analysis

SEA can perform analysis of the insulating liquid with final purpose the diagnosis of the transformers life status. Different types of analysis are available:

  • appearance
  • color
  • water content
  • dielectric strenght
  • content of dissolved gas
  • dissipation factor
  • acidity
  • furan compounds
  • metals
  • PCB/PCT analysis
  • others

The main reason of the insulating liquid checking is to prevent possible faults of power and distribution transformers which use oil fluids to insulate their active part.