Special environments

SEA offers special solutions for:

Extreme temperatures

Products suitable for:

  • Low temperatures:
    Arctic climates (< -50 °C)

  • High temperatures:
    Highest tropical and desertic climates (> 55 °C)

Aggressive environments

Special superficial treatments for:                        

  • off-shore and on-shore applications
  • industrial / chemical plants
  • coastal environments

SEA products are suitable for C5 / C5M environments in compliance with ISO 12944.

Seismic conditions and vibrations

Special precautions for: 

  • most severe conditions, classes and categories of installations     
  • seismic withstand against higher levels regarding scales Richter, UBC, MSK, etc.
  • mobile substations

Heights above 1000 m

Special design for altitudes above 1000 m features (up to 5000 m):

  • reductions of temperature rises for cooling liquid and windings 
  • increasing of insulation levels
  • increasing of bushings creepage distance