Arc suppression coils for 77 kV grid

Stockholm Ström is a joint project in which Svenska Kraftnät, along with power companies Vattenfall and Ellevio work to strengthen and renew the electricity network in the Stockholm region.
In the next forty years the Swedish population is estimated to have a 30 percent of increase; with a growing population, is also growing demand for electricity.
Stockholm power project should last for 10 years and SEA is involved with its reactors in the building of this future electricity networks.


The reactor of the pictures is for the distribution station in Danderyd at 77 kV and regulates stepless between 60 and 600 A.
It is equipped with current injection unit to permit fine tuning also in symmetrical cable networks and with remote connection to controller the substation.
In total, the supply includes no.4 reactors at 77 kV, 60-600 A and no.2 reactors at 77 kV, 30-300 A with extra reduced losses (≤ 1%) that will be installed in substations affected by renovation/re-building like: 

- Jarva
- Nacka
- Ekbacken
- Overby
- Kolbotten