The transformer that lights a Capital

The largest transformer manufactured in the history of SEA is, some days ago, gotten to Chile and it is ready for the further assembling and commissioning on site.

This project is characterized by breaking-numbers:
- a cost of over 1,000,000.00 €;
- double primary voltage of 230-154 kV;
- a weight of 165 tonnes;
- a height of 9 meters, a width of 7 meters and a depth of 5 meters;
- a specific design of the carpentry and the anchoring internal structure of the transformer to meet the rigid seismic demands required by the Chilean Civil Engineering.

The transformer has been commissioned by Gas Natural Fenosa and will be installed in a substation near Santiago de Chile to feed over 30,000 civil users.
Gas Natural Fenosa owns 96.5% of the largest electricity and gas distributor in Chile: CGE.
It distributes gas in 18 provinces to almost 0.6 million customers and distributes and transports electricity in 13 provinces to 2.7 million customers.


"We are very satisfied after the big investments made for the new production area and the new testing room dedicated to power transformers. We focused on reliability, safety and technology to reach the level of quality required by major international customers. We are ready for new challenges " - analyzes Mr. Nicola Sartori, CEO of SEA SpA.
Now the new SEA production capability (lifting capacity) for power transformers is up 250 tons.