1500 kVA 11/0.4 kV CRTs

SEA has recently completed the supply of cast resin transformers for Dubai Electricity & Water Autority (DEWA) in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

AFWF Cast resin transformer

AFWF cooled transformers are often used in demanding applications like marine and oil & gas industry.
By the use of AFWF cooling almost 90% of the heat losses can be transferred into the cooling water.

50 MVA 150 / 21,3 / 8,96 kV

The ability to withstand a short circuit is recognised more and more as an essential characteristic of power transformers.
IEC60076-5 specifies short-circuit testing and how to check the withstand capability

Diesel Farm - UK

No.10 Eco Friendly Liquid Immersed Transformers have been recently installed in Cornwall (UK).

The transformer that lights a Capital

The largest transformer manufactured in the history of SEA is, some days ago, gotten to Chile and it is ready for the further assembling and commissioning on site.