Cast resin power transformer 12 MVA

SEA has recently supplied one cast resin power transformer for a hydropower plant in Norway.
The power plant has a very limited degree of regulation, which means that it is considered a river power plant.
The magazine of about 25 cubic meters is emptied in just over an hour at full production.
The turbine is a five-jet Pelton turbine that is regulated by the water level in the intake magazine and associated inflow.
The installed power is 14.9 MW, and the annual production is 48 GWh.

The supplied transformers is a Class F cast resin ECO+P type in accordance to TIER 2 UE N.548/2014 in force since 1 July 2021
Rated Power: 12 MVA
Primary Voltage: 22000 V
Secondary Voltage: 6.600 kV
Type of windings I°/II°: encapsulated/encapsulated