25 MVA HV/MV for rolling mill

New important project being completed by SEA.
This is a "turnkey" project relating to the manufacturing, transport including unloading, positioning and supervision to the commissioning of 25 MVA for an important industrial plant (rolling mill) in Northern Italy.
At the same time of the new transformer delivery, SEA also took over the collection and disposal of two old 10 MVA and 25 MVA transformers.

Electrical Data of the new transformer:
Rated power: 20/25 MVA
Cooling: ONAN/ONAF
No-load primary voltage: 132 kV
No-load secondary voltage: 11 kV
Primary voltage regulation: ±10x1,5%

The End-customer's demand not to interrupt its daily production has implied a particular focus and care of all the various organizational activities.

The required site tests have been the following ones:
- the electrical and mechanical functional checks executed on the accessories and on the transformer;
- the check of oil samples dielectrical strenght;
- the preparation of the inspection test report;
- the supervision during the energization.

Below there is a video of the unloading and positioning of the new 25 MVA carried out in these days.