Shunt reactor 13 Mvar

Succesfully tested this 13 Mvar 10,5 kV shunt reactor, realized by a three-phase air gapped core for German market.
The technical features requested by client were particular strong, expecially the noise power level fixed in 75 dB(A).

First energizing 40 MVA in Holland

First energizing 40 MVA HV/MV transformer is successfully completed in this Plant, located in Holland.
The transformer is connected to the city waste incineration power plant

Cribis D&B Rating 1

The CRIBIS D&B has assigned the Rating 1 to our company.
SEA Spa has always been careful not only to quality product, which is recognized and rewarded by customers, but also to the seriousness and reliability in financial relationships with suppliers and all partners in general.

Transformers for Osmannoro Railway Testing Center

Just tested and ready for delivery the first transformer designed for the Osmannoro Railway Testing Center, that belongs to RFI.
This is a 10 MVA single-phase autotransformer, with 6 different secondary voltages selectable by a suitable On Load Tap Changer.