40 MVA HV/MV transformer

A new oil immersed power transformer HV/MV, 40 MVA power rating (and provisional for future increasing to 50 MVA by ONAF cooling) is just delivered and assembled (on site) at S/S Campo Marzo in Verona (Italy). This Substation belongs to AGSM.

Polish version of TTR and TTO brochures

Our product brochures for TTO and TTR transformers are now available also in Polish language.
Available for free download in restricted area, after login by your own Userid and Password.

ENEL Sospirolo Hydro Power Plant

Just completed the installation and start up of one Generator Step Up power transformer, 25 MVA - 10/132 kV at ENEL Hydro Power Plant in Sospirolo (BL, north of Italy).

63 MVA - 132 kV for ENEL

Just delivered and assembled on site the second 63 MVA transformer manufactured by SEA for ENEL. This one is installed in the HV/MV substation located in San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR - Italy) and it's designed accordingly to the new Standard DT1083.

Convention SEA - Petersen Coils

The first convention arranged by SEA SpA about Petersen Coils was wery successfull!
It was held on 24th May 2007 at Palaexpo in Verona Fair.

New brochures in Russian Language

New product brochures are available in Russian Language.
Free download in the restricted area as usual, after login by your userid and password.

New Generator transformer 35 MVA for Norway

Just completed the installation of new Step-Up Generator Transformer 35 MVA, ratio 8,2/51 kV and OFWF cooling in Kaggefoss Kraftstasjon - Norway.
This unit - like all other Power transformers designed by SEA since last year - is completely designed in 3D.

New protection enclosure for TTR cast resin transformers

In order to protect SEA TTR cast resin transformers against accidental contacts with live parts, a new set of enclosures is now available.
The designation for this new enclosure (four sizes available) is TB-F.

Christmas vacation

Our Company will be closed for Christmas vacation:

- workshop from 23/12/2006 to 07/01/2007

- offices from 23/12/2006 to 01/01/2007

Nice holidays!

ATR 25 MVA dry type

One important goal for our company.

Just tested with positive results a three-phase dry type 25 MVA Autotransformer.