Converter Transformers for gold mine Australia

Installation of 7 converter transformers in Australian Gold mine was been recently completed. The rated power of transformers is 7350 kVA and no load ratio 11000/2x1310 V.
The pictures show SEA transformers during the positioning in the relevant trafo box

Transformers for mobile Substations

SEA SpA increase its market share in Mobile Substations Transformers. This unit is the first of six pieces 25 MVA OFAF rated power, 132/11,5 kV. Final destination is an arabic country

New transformers for Malpensa Airport

Within of a modernization and repowering plan of the electrical substation in Malpensa airport, SEA is going to supply (through MIT - Turin) two new transformers 32/40 MVA ONAN/ONAF with transformation ratio 132/15,6 kV. The first one has already left our company the second

ISO 14000

At the end of april SEA has got the certification for the environmental management systems according to ISO14000. It concern a very important improvement for SEA that focus on reductions of enviromental impact of our own production system.

When transformers gives fun

Delivered, at the beginning of April 2006, 3 transformers fill up with synthetic liquid MIDEL 7131 adapted to 2750/2x1375 kVA ONAN, sealed type for converters. They will supply the new Terror of Tower at Disneyland in Paris.

Software for FEM testing

From the beginning of april R&D SEA use a new modern 2D/3D software for develop and study electric and magnetic fields with the finished elements method. We are able to do very complex test on transformers, reactors.

CAD 3D development

Since two months ago all development system of power oil transformes will be done with a new 3D CAD software. It allows us to develops in detail and it gives a tool to our costumers will require teh 3D model of their product.
Our CAD software exports in the most popular 3D format.