New Generator transformer 35 MVA for Norway

Just completed the installation of new Step-Up Generator Transformer 35 MVA, ratio 8,2/51 kV and OFWF cooling in Kaggefoss Kraftstasjon - Norway.
This unit - like all other Power transformers designed by SEA since last year - is completely designed in 3D.

New protection enclosure for TTR cast resin transformers

In order to protect SEA TTR cast resin transformers against accidental contacts with live parts, a new set of enclosures is now available.
The designation for this new enclosure (four sizes available) is TB-F.

Christmas vacation

Our Company will be closed for Christmas vacation:

- workshop from 23/12/2006 to 07/01/2007

- offices from 23/12/2006 to 01/01/2007

Nice holidays!

ATR 25 MVA dry type

One important goal for our company.

Just tested with positive results a three-phase dry type 25 MVA Autotransformer.

Malpensa Airport

Installation and commissioning of 2 units 32/40 MVA ONAN/ONAF manufactured by SEA is completed. Transformers are now in operation.

New Kanban scheduling system is started

In order to re-arrange and optimize our scheduling and inventory activities, a new project based on Kanban management system has just begun. As well known, Kanban is among the simpliest and inexpensive means for managing production and inventory control, useful to reduce or eliminate stockouts.

Coming soon: new 36 kV oil immersed transformers

In order to complete our distribution oil immersed transformer production range, new TTO-36 transformers are coming soon.
They will be available hermetic and conservator types. Common accessories as usual will be available. Price list in the next few weeks...

Special Cast resin Transformer

Just tested and delivered one unit cast resin transformer, special type three-singlephase 1600 kVA.
No load ratio 5250-10500 V (three-phase) / 25000 V (single-phase).
Final Client is Bombardier Transportation GmbH – Germany.

Testing Room

Testing Room for big electric motors in Germany.
Includes two transformers SEA 6000 kVA - 20,5/6,3 kV. Final Client is SIEMENS

Off-Shore Platform

Since 2002 SEA has begun good commercial relationships with BP (British Petroleum) for supplying transformers destined to Off-Shore Platforms.
The latest one has been inaugurated in 2005 and is now perfectly working in Caspian Sea