Convention SEA - Petersen Coils

The first convention arranged by SEA SpA about Petersen Coils was wery successfull!
It was held on 24th May 2007 at Palaexpo in Verona Fair.
Nearly 70 representatives coming from several municipality-owned companies and designing technicians on Electrical Distribution Network of North-East Italy attended this meeting.

Thanks to clear explanation of our relators, Professor Turri from DIE ( Electrical Engineering Department) at Padua University and Mr.Di Primio, experienced CESI consultant on Petersen Coils installation, such plant-engineering mattter was made affordable and exhaustive in all its aspect: technical, economical,etc.

SEA's Technicians explained some arguments covering mainly some new patented solution regarding coil and control system capabilities, very useful in field operation of Petersen Coils.

This convention was aimed to wide out pieces of information about this matter, so topical in plant-engineering field and to spread innovations introduced by SEA.
We believe they were both positively achieved. Thanks!