Shipment of 12.5 MVA cast resin transformer with on load tap changer

During the beginning of December, 12.5 MVA cast resin transformer for civil scope has been manufactured and then tested in SEA.

Primary voltage of 35000 V and secondary voltage of 6300 V.

Double tier execution with on load tap changer, 9 tapping positions adjustment.


Kathu solar plant choosed SEA technology

At the beginning of December started the installation of 57 cast resin transformers supplied by SEA for the new solar plant of 80 MW in the desert of Kalahari. It is the plant of the Kathu park, in the region of Northe

Power transformers for 2014 Winter Olympics

SEA will provide 25 MVA 110/10 kV oil-filled power transformers for the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, in 2014. Units will be placed on mobile modular substations equipped with remote control, which are extremely functional and convenient to solve many problems in the electricity supply.

Bisaccia Wind Farm

It has succesfully completed the energization of two 50 MVA power transformers for the new wind farm in Bisaccia (near Avellino). The plant has a total installed capacity of 66 MW.

SEA for Nicaragua

It has successfully completed the supply of 14 oil power transformers to Enatrel, the Nicaraguan national electricity authority, for the replacement and the expansion of 14 substations loca