Seismic Test performed on SEA Dry-type transformer with OLTC

SEA obtained during the month of July 2014 the SEISMIC QUALIFICATION according to IEEE Standard 693-2005 and European Standard EN 60068-3-3 1993 for the following dry-type transformer:

Three phase cast resin transformer
Standard construction with OLTC

Rated Power: 1000 kVA
Primary Voltage: 35 kV ± 4 × 2,5%
Secondary Voltage: 400 V
Vector Group: Yyn0
Enclosure protection degree: IP 3X
Rated Frequency: 50 Hz

The seismic test have been carried out with Intensity "X" according to the scale MSK-64 and "VIII" of the Mercalli Modified Scale.
Consequently the same transformed has been submitted to the Short Circuit Withstand Test according to the GOST 20243-74 Cl.2 obtaining positive results.