Top marks after Short-circuit withstand test

The new transformer type OTN-25000 kVA with some tecnical improvements for mobile substations has been subjected to the short-circuit withstand test at Kema Laboratory of  Prague in order to confirm that its design meets the requirements of GOST Standard.
The positive result of the test confirms the reliability of the SEA process technology and high performance product aimed at this particular market. The guarantee is given by the fact that during the test the transformer has been subjected to stress higher than those at which it is normally subjected during operation.

Electrical and manufacturing features:

Power rating: 25000 kVA
Primary Voltage: 115 ± 9 x 1,78% kV
Secondary Voltage: 10,5 / 6,3 kV
Vector Group: Yn/D-D-11-11                                                                       
Frequency: 50 Hz
Cooling: OFAF
No load tap changer on LV side and voltage regulation under load by OLCT on the HV side

The transformer, after the test, has been submitted in SEA to all acceptance tests including impulse test,  measuring pressing forces of windings and measuring frequency characteristics by SFRA method.
The final result confirmirmed that values did not differ from values of tests before short-circuit dynamic test.
SEA also in this case shows a special commitment to the continuous improvement of its transformers both in the R&D and production phase.