SEA and CESI....another successful history for our Power transformers

SEA obtained during September 2014 another important result for its Power transformers. 
Dinamic Short Circuit  Withstand Test according to the IEC60076-5 has been carried out giving very satisfactory results on one transformer recently manufactured for our important Customer.


This three phase power liquid immersed transformer has the following electrical features:

Rated Power: 26700 / 33400 kVA
Cooling: ONAN / ONAF
Primary Voltage: 150 kV
Regulation: ± 9 × 1,5%
Secondary MV Voltage: 21,3 kV
Secondary LV Voltage: 8,96 kV
Vector Group: Yyn0Yn0
Rated Frequency: 50 Hz

SEA confirmed once again the reliability of its manufactured products.