Ecodesign transformers compliance to 548/2014/CE

ECO+P the new SEA's Brand synonym of:
Energy Efficiency - Ecofriendly design - Reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Within the framework of Directive 2009/125/CE establishing the development of rules for Ecodesign projects of energy products, the European Commission issued on May 22th, 2014 the New EU Ecodesign Regulation 548/2014 governing the electric transformers that should be put into the market, defining their performance features. SEA in collaboration with the National Federation "ANIE Energia" of which it is part, wanted to draw up a VADEMECUM to explain the requirements that this regulation has established and to provide to all stakeholders some clarification regarding the timing and application fields.
The new legislation has, as its primary aim, the reduction of losses and increasing the efficiency of the transformers.
Since the average life of a transformer is more or less thirty years, even a slight improvement of its performance will lead to a significant benefit both in the eco-sustainability field with a reduction of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and in energy field with an improvement in the efficiency of the product itself.

Never as in this case our Corporate Slogan "TRANSFORMING THE FUTURE" epitomizes the ideals that have brought SEA to reach this new goal.

ECO+P.........the new type of ECO-FRIENDLY Transformers.