Diesel Farm - UK

No.10 Eco Friendly Liquid Immersed Transformers have been recently installed in Cornwall (UK).

The transformer that lights a Capital

The largest transformer manufactured in the history of SEA is, some days ago, gotten to Chile and it is ready for the further assembling and commissioning on site.

CORU Project

SEA SpA has recently completed the supply of 28 cast resin transformers for Combined Oil Refinery Unit Project of the Moscow Refinery (subsidiary of JSC Gazprom Neft).

80 MVA bell tank type

Another important milestone in the history of SEA has been reached during the second part of 2016. 

Chernobyl, the nuclear nightmare is tamed

Chernobyl now is safe, after more than 30 years since that terrible nuclear disaster occurred on 26th of April 1986 that threw terror in half of Europe.