Reconstruction of railways lines in Beroun (Czech Republic)

During the month of January have been positive tested three traction transformers in the new SEA testing room for liquid immersed transformers.
The project is referred to a reconstruction of railway lines in the area of Beroun.
Our partners Power- Energo s.r.o. together with Representatives of Czech Railways (Prague) attended the Final Acceptance Tests in SEA testing room for the traction transformers, with Class V overload capability.

The main data of the transformers are the following:

Rated Power: 5300/2x2650 kVA
Rated Voltages: V1 = 23000 V (± 2 x 2,5 %) V2 = 2x1280 V
Frequency: 50Hz
Vector Group: Yyn0d1
Cooling system: ONAN

These are the first transformers with secondary voltage 2x1280V that will be operated within the whole Czech Railways-Prague!