Successful tests performed on SEA LV/LV cast resin transformers

Three different types of LV/LV cast resin transformers have been tested in order to check their short circuit withstand capability according to the IEC Standards 60076.
In parallel also the tests related on conformity to environmental, climatic and fire resistance class have been performed.
The tests have been performed at some External Laboratories and at SEA Testing Lab.
SEA after their positive results, is proud to claim fully their fully homologation by the end-customer who has required them.

The types of transformers that have been already tested have the following electrical features:
- Rated Power: 50 - 100 - 160 kVA
- Rated Voltages: 420 / 420 V

MV/LV Cast resin transformers of SEA Product Portfolio have been already certified in compliance with IEC60076-11 for all following classes:

  • Environmental Class E
    E2: The transformer is exposed to considerable condensation and heavy contamination / pollution or both.
    SEA in the past already tested its cast resin transformers obtaining also the  E3 Class: the transformer is suitable for installation where the most severe environmental conditions are foreseen, extending the limits specified by class E2.
  • Climatic Class C
    C2: Storage, transportation and operation of the transformer is possible up to -25°C .
    SEA in the past went beyond class C2 by testing the transformer at -50°C storage, proving it to be suitable for extreme climates.
  • Fire Behaviour Class F
    F1: The transformer is used in an environment where a fire hazard is possible, so it is compulsory to offer a reduced risk of flammability.  
    A transformer with such fire behaviour must be with material extinguishing types.