AFWF Cast resin transformer

AFWF cooled transformers are often used in demanding applications like marine and oil & gas industry.
By the use of AFWF cooling almost 90% of the heat losses can be transferred into the cooling water.

The modern cruise ships and high-tech ships use electric propulsion systems that require special transformers to cope with strict on-board technical requirements such as reduced noise and vibration levels, restricted space, reduced maintenance system, high resistance to the corrosion of sea water and sea air, and a high safety degree to avoid any risk for the people.
SEA cast resin transformers for marine applications are designed and manufactured according to the highest International Standards and are approved by the most stringent certification bodies.
Our design, production and control procedures are certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 that allows us to offer to the customer a reliable product in terms of quality, safety and performance.
Thanks to our technicians, we are able to design reliable solutions that meet the exact needs of our customers: our products are suitable for these special applications.

Last project performed by SEA with AFWF cooling system is a 1500 kVA for a Singapore flagged vessel called "Lewek Champion".


Lewek Champion is a purpose-built DP2 Pipe Lay Construction Accommodation / Work Barge supporting offshore activities for the oil and gas industry including pipe lay, recovery & platform installation and maintenance: Lewek Champion is on long term charter to EMAS from ICBC Financial Leasing Co. Ltd.  
Lewek Champion in its life installed more than 50 offshore platform for Chevron Thailand.
Its main crane has an 800 ton capacity and it has been utilized to lift the steel jacket from the barge and position it upright on the sea floor. 
The piles then are inserted into the platform, welded together and then driven deep into the mud to anchor the platform solidly to the earth. 

The transformer manufactured by SEA, compliant with Lloyd's Register requirements, has the following technical features:

Rated Power: 1500 kVA
Rated Voltages: V1 = 6600 V (± 2 x 2,5 %) V2 = 470 V
Frequency: 60Hz
Vector Group: Dy11
Cooling system: AFWF (air forced - water forced)
Protection Class: IP 44