Kathu solar plant choosed SEA technology

At the beginning of December started the installation of 57 cast resin transformers supplied by SEA for the new solar plant of 80 MW in the desert of Kalahari. It is the plant of the Kathu park, in the region of Northern Cape in South Africa, one of the biggest iron open pit mine in the world; it has a generating power of 146 GWh and it can satisfy the needs of more 40000 people, contributing to eliminate 50000 tons / year of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. The value of the supply of the power system and automationfor what is considered one of the largest photovoltaic plants in the world single-axisis 25 million dollars. The transformers supplied by SEA are cast resin type, three-phase with rating power of 1500 kVA, primary side at 22 kV and secondary side at 340 V. This plant is going to contend with the "Sheikh Zayed solar power plant," recently opened in Mauritania, the title of "largest photovoltaic plant" in Africa.