Lagos Energy City Project

Lagos aims to be the first smart city of Africa.
Its government is taking full advantage of the digital age and wants to fast develop the city bringing it to be real megalopolis to be proud of.
The project will also lead Lagos to be the world’s first carbon neutral city, creating also jobs for the people.
A "smart city" involves the vision to integrate Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions in a secure way to provide services to its residents: the objective is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens.
It will also provide a clean and sustainable environment and application of ‘Smart’ solutions in waste management, energy management, urban mobility and e-governance.

In this ambitious project SEA has been chosen as supplier of cast resin transformers for new residential buildings, thanks to our focus on the total quality of the products.

The supply consists of:
- no.1 cast resin transformer 2000 kVA – 11500 V / 400 V
- no.1 cast resin transformer 1000 kVA – 11500 V/ 400 V

Both transformers are in IP00 enclosure and designed for installation in a saline environment.

SEA cast resin transformers are fully manufactured according to the E2, C2 and F1 classes, certified to be installed indoor in buildings and environmentally safe. 
Cast resin transformers in class F1 are self-extinguishing and therefore safe against fire danger or fire propagation inside the buildings.