Transformer service training

SEA recently supplied a 16 MVA for an important power plant located in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Maintaining a skilled workforce is becoming increasingly important for customers and for such reason as part of the supply SEA performed a training customized to Customer's needs.
SEA transformer service training courses can give you the skills and technical expertise needed to help each Customer to meet their reliability and performance goals about the purchased transformer.
SEA training programs are developed for operators, engineers and technicians to become expertise in the installation, operation, maintenance, testing, and commissioning of their transformer.

The participants learn the basic elements and the function of supplied transformer and different conditions and faults are investigated:

- Transformer design basics (vector group, no load current, short circuit voltage, resistance, etc.)

- How a transformer is manufactured and their components (tank, core, windings, tap changer, bushings, protection devices, current transformers, cooling system, etc..)

- Transformer testing methods

- Installation and commissioning of transformers

- Transformer maintenance (routine checks, oil samples, measures, etc..)

Based on customer needs, SEA can design a specific training program, as happened for the transformer installed in Edinburgh.

The training can get offered in our factory including the benefit of the production plant visit and using the onsite test equipment or can be get held at the customer site: in this case, SEA will provide small training to strengthen the knowledge including, if necessary, some practical exercise (testing the site operators understanding after teaching).