SEA transformers of the 90's

SEA has recently carried out a checking of two 1250 kVA transformers with cast resin windings produced in the 1990.

The acceptance tests performed on the two transformers proved their perfect functioning after 28 years.
The triangle closure of the primary side has been replaced with a more updated configuration, it has been made also a general checking and cleaning.

SEA produces transformers with cast resin primary (secondary upon request) windings since 1975 and maintains an extremely rigorous focus on the quality of its products: an analysis of the failure rates (MTBF - Mean time before failures) is constantly carried out and a corrective actios in case of any malfunction, if detected.

This constant analysis showed a high reliability of the SEA brand transformers, confirming a life of at least 20 years of operation without interruption with a 99.62% probability.