SEA to supply 4 single phase power transformers

SEA has been contracted to supply the transformers for the OXEC II Hydropower plant in Guatemala.
The Project will have an installed capacity of 60 MW, using the flow of Cahabon River, part of the group of rivers which flow into the Caribbean SEA.
OXEC II Hydroelectric plant is located within the boundaries of the Tzalac farm, between the left of the runway of the river Cahabon, Department of Verapaz, Guatemala.
The location of the Project can be seen in the following Figure:


The scope of supply includes four single phase transformers, each with a power rating of 19 MVA (ONAN) / 23 MVA (ONAF) that will be connected together in order to create a three-phase bank system with related nominal power of 57 MVA (ONAN) / 69 MVA (ONAF).
The rated voltages of these transformers are 69/√3 kV ± 4 x 2.5% / 13.8 kV.
Fully assembled and installed these transformers will have a weight around thrirty tons with overall dimensions of 3900x3300x4000 mm.
The tests will be performed both in testing laboratory in Tezze di Arzignano and on site as per Customer's requirements.
SEA will support the Customer during the entire phases of assembling, commissioning and erection in Guatemala.