Gruppo dell’Amicizia - SEA Ghostbusters

February was, as per tradition, a reason for the communities of our valleys to meet each other under a shower of confetti among various groups of masked crowds.
As the noisy processions passed, the road surfaces were covered with a carpet of dancing celebration. taking the center of Chiampo, Arzignano and Cornedo back in time, creating playful, medieval and mysterious atmospheres.
The Ghostbusters float also contributed to all this with the surreal ghosts immersed in the grey-blue clouds of this winter sky.
In Arzignano the Colombina Award for originality and commitment was given to the Ghostbusters float of Gruppo dell’Amicizia of Arzignano.
The Friendship Group is a social volunteering group that has spent moments of happiness and leisure with disabled friends since 1981.
Trips, parties, theater performances where everyone is themselves and shares the joy and spontaneity of these less fortunate people.
Small signs such as a smile, a caress or a hug given freely are the explosive and contagious strength of this group which for 25 years has continued to weave an increasingly vast and strong network of solidarity in the territory.
SEA SpA is proud to have helped an association born and raised with such noble aims and principles.