Single-phase autotransformers

SEA SpA, during last part of 2018, has been chosen for the supply of traction autotransformers for the conventional network of the lines Zaragoza-Teruel-Sagunto.
The autotransformers are the equipment that goes in the centers of autotransformation and serve to distribute the electric current between lane, catenary and feeder (cables or conductors that feed the catenary and connect it with the substation) in the 2x25 system.
The contract also includes technical support in the installation and commissioning of the autotransformer equipment.
Our company has just succesfully completed the testing protocol for homologation of such Single-phase traction autotransformers 10 MVA - ratio 55/2x27,5 kV destined for high-speed railways.
The testing protocol has included the dynamic short circuit withstand test (that we have succesfully performed at FGH Engineering & Test - Mannheim  Germany) and heat run test with overload cycling.
Homologation of product is finalized to initiate a mass production for several pieces destined to our direct customer.  

SEA transformer type: single-phase autotransformer
Power rating: 10000 kVA
Voltage ratio: 55000 / 27500 V
Vector group: Ia0
Frequency: 50 Hz
Insulating level: 58/250/105 kV
Thermal short circuit: 2 s
Dynamic short circuit: 0,25 s
Short circuit impedance: ≤ 1%