Special Power Transformers for quadruple magnets

SEA recently supplied 20 kV rectifier transformers with 2 separated Systems for the power converter for the quadrupole magnets of a German Company operating a worldwide leading accelerator facility for research purposes.
This Company is similar to ITER or CERN but in Germany
The four existing power transformers “Quadrupole” of the synchrotron SIS18 for the supply of the power thyristor converters are to be partly changed due to ageing and the upgrade of the system..
The output voltage of the power transformer remains the same as currently of 570V, the existing power transformers each of 2x963kVA are to be replaced by new ones of the same power rating as follows: 1926 / 963 / 963 kVA 21 kV ± 2 x 2,5 % / 570 - 570 V.