Stepless Dry-type Petersen coil

SEA recently supplied a Stepless Dry-type Petersen coil suitable for indoor application at -45°C.
The rated powe is 485 kVA with 6 kV with regulation stepless 5-140 A and Continuous load cycle.
Accessories included are N.1 Pt100 temperature sensor on secondary (500 V) winding. with monitor unit.
It is Complete of marshalling kiosk fitted to the enclosure, in IP21, including:
1) pushbuttons for local Inclusion/Esclusion and lamps of state signalization
2) Auxiliary contacts for remote signalling and commands
3) Contactor for switching resistor.
4) Thermal protection with thermisor and thermal monitor unit with two levels of signalization (Alarm & Trip)
5) Space heater