E4 The Stockholm bypass Project

Stockholm is growing and by 2030 its population is expected to have increased from 2 million today to roughly 2.5 million.

SDS Modi'in Data Center

Data protection is a major concern for all technicians working on data center modernization.

Rectifier transformer units

SEA SpA has recently supplied three transformer rectifier units 12 pulse, with secondary current (for each arm) of 6351 A.
The functioning of the High Current Rectifier System before the installation onsite has been tested in our testing laboratory.

District heating transformers in Sweden

Delivery of no.2 4000 kVA cast resin transformers 21.5-0.725 kV to Norrenergi, Sundbybergsverket in Sweden.
The transformers feed a newly built pumping system for district heating with only a controlled frequency load.

16 MVA MV/MV Power transformers

SEA has recently installed in Eskilstuna Energi, 2 transformers of 16 MVA, 22/11 kV for their new distribution substation in Sundby in Sweden.


Stepless Dry-type Petersen coil

SEA recently supplied a Stepless Dry-type Petersen coil suitable for indoor application at -45°C.
The rated powe is 485 kVA with 6 kV with regulation stepless 5-140 A and Continuous load cycle.

Special Power Transformers for quadruple magnets

SEA recently supplied 20 kV rectifier transformers with 2 separated Systems for the power converter for the quadrupole magnets of a German Company operating a worldwide leading accelerator facility for research purposes.

Mobile Petersen Coils

Two units mobile Petersen Coils 5000 kVA 20 kV 43-433A have been recently installed in Vrgorac Substation in Croatia.

Single-phase cast resin transformers

This electrical substation was built in a historic building in the center of Bologna.

The peculiarity is that it was built with three single-phase cast resin resin transformers as the three-phase transformer did not pass through the only possible path to get to the positioning room.

The Success Story goes on

SEA during 2019 has been contracted to be part of the suppliers for largest EfW plant in England.