ITED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a nonprofit organization founded by an American experience of 1984 that organizes events to bring together the minds and the most amazing and innovative ideas of global thinking. Its mission can be summed up in the slogan "Ideas worth spreading" TED believes strongly in the power of the ideas have to change behavior and people's lives and the way they relate to each other. For the second TEDx  event organized by the group in collaboration with the City of Vicenza and numerous sponsorships, took turns on stage, in front of a thousand people, 13 Italian and foreign speakers chosen from among 250 candidates because of their innovation stories.

The theme was "Play.Pause.Restart": 
- PLAY: the start, the growth / development, innovation
- PAUSE: consolidation, maturity, analysis
- RESTART: the change, the restructuring, the revival (new products / markets)

SEA decided to support this event showing remarkable sensitivity and interest in the topics discussed.

Here is a short abstract of the interview released by Managing Director of SEA, Mr. Nicola Sartori, to TEDx Team during the event: 

We would like to ask you to summarize in a short phrase the "phase" that you chosed:
"It 's impossible to choose a stage. The life, the environment, society and organizations have a continuous movement. Every infringement derives from the accumulation of static in one of the phases. An organization or a company that tries to plaster the change protection of the positions reached accumulates static and fails to smooth out the evolution causing tearing and instability. I think settle positive knowledge keeping it moving is the way to create a structure that leaves room for innovation. "

We would like to also give voice to the reasons that led him to support the TEDxVicenza project. Can you tell us in a few words why you chose to be TEDxVicenza partner?
"I saw a movement of thought, an intersection of ideas, freedom of expression ... positivity.
No coincidence that our Company claim is "TRANSFORMING THE FUTURE" ..... is in perfect harmony with the ideals upon which the thought TED is based".