ECO+P - The Certified Quality

In a market where can be found several transformers manufacturers with no proven quality on the offered products, mainly on the real values of no-load and losses, SEA has recently performed, with extreme final success, the Complete Type Tests on the self-same dry-type transformer specially designed according to the Ecodesign Regulation EU/548/2014, Tier II (from 1st July 2021) showing its focus on the future requirements of energy sector.


The Certified Quality

The high quality standard of ECO+P environmentally friendly cast resin transformers has been confirmed by the result of the Complete Type Tests performed at CESI Laboratory on the 1500 kVA transformer with level of losses A0 -10% A(Certificate no. B6000645).
The tested transformer was a three-phase dry-type transformer with encapsulated MV windings, for continuous duty, with cooling by natural air (AN):
Rated Power: 1500 kVA
Rated Voltages: 11/0,4 kV
Rated frequency: 50 Hz

The performed tests have been the following:
- Lightning impulse test
- Temperature rise test
- Short circuit test
- Dielectric routine tests before and after short circuit tests
- Routine test measurement before and after short circuit tests
- Measurement of sound level


The self-same ECO+P Cast resin transformer has satisfied also the requirements of the highest classes (CESI Certificate no. B6000647):
E3 - Environmental
C2 - Climate
F1 - Fire Resistant

The proven tests that let SEA to get this approval have been:
- Thermal shock test
- Condensation test
- Humidity penetration test
- Fire behaviour test
- Checking of gases emissions

With extreme satisfaction by these tests SEA got the result that its technical and manufacturing processes have an high performance. 

The most important advantages of this kind of transformers we have:
- High efficiency, low level of no-load and load losses
- Insulating material that allows a long service life of the transformer and a better resistance to the atmospheric agents
- Cost saving
- Reduced operating costs
- Eco-friendly design in compliance with the most restrictive International Regulations
- Safety during installation and operational activities
- Risk assessment analysis during design activities


ECO+P Cast resin transformers:
The winning solution for the sustainability combining energy efficiency and environmental compliance.