Power cast resin transformers: 16 MVA

Project Name: Novoroscement
Country: Russia
Region: Novorossiysk, near the banks of Black Sea
Type of Project: Cement plant

A new important project has been awarded by SEA during first part of 2015 related to a two power transformers 16 MVA with cast resin encapsulated MV windings.
They have been installed positively in a new cement plant that will have a capacity of 2,5 tons of cement per year.

SEA transformer type: three phase cast resin transformer (with double secondary)
Power rating: 16000 (8000/8000) kVA
Voltage ratio: 10,5 ± 4 x 1,5 % / (2 x 6300) V with OLTC
Connecting group: Dd0-d0
Cooling system: AF
Protection degree: IP54
Construction: Double tier construction without intermediate joke

The transformers have been designed for outdoor installation in a polluted and C5-m marine corrosion environmental area.
Placed in a protection housing IP54 under the roof with electro blowing and filter to ensure the internal cooling system, they are thermally suitable for an ambient temperature of 50°C.

Another important milestone in SEA history achieved with extreme satisfaction of our team and mainly of our Customer.