SDS Modi'in Data Center

Data protection is a major concern for all technicians working on data center modernization.
Companies have begun to abandon their previous hardware-centric systems, adopting breakthrough technologies (such as software-defined data centers, hyperconvergent infrastructures, and hybrid cloud), while maintaining a strong focus on data protection.

Data center transformation consists of: 

- Software-defined data center: a combination of processing (virtualization), networking (SDN) and storage (SDS) defined by software and a common management layer. A software-based solution provides flexibility, efficiency and rapid iteration of the infrastructure, which can be deployed on large-scale hardware and reducing the amount of capital to invest in infrastructure. 

- Hyper-converged infrastructure: simplify data center usage and management by converging all processing, storage and network components into a single software-based appliance.

- Hybrid Cloud: a combination of public cloud services (external storage of corporate data on third-party infrastructures) and private data centers (on-site data storage).

SEA SpA, up to now, has supplied 29 cast resin transformers 2500 kVA 22/0,4 kV for SDS Modi'in Data Center in Israel, the only one TIER 4 certified.
This contract expands SEA's footprint in this new market segment.
Attached a leaflet related to SEA transformers for Data Centers.