Transformers technical guide

The National Association of Electronic and Electrical Industries has recently drafted a new technical guide on electric transformers.
The Vademecum  issues identified include: technical / quality characteristics of new transformers according to the European Regulation 548/2014.
SEA has actively participated in the drafting of this document providing information that are intended to highlight the quality control during the manufacturing phases in order to obtain a product qualitatively suitable for the critical scope.

With regard to ANIE and to the Group of "Transformers", it is mainly dedicated to:

  • Develop proposals of common interest of the manufacturers represented in the relevant subgroups;
  • Organize meetings with major central institutions and with major clients;
  • Participate actively in the activities of International Committees (T&D Europe);
  • Conduct a technical standardization activities through active participation in committees and technical bodies;
  • Perform analysis of economic developments in the industry and analyses related to specific sectors.

With great satisfaction we also remarks that our Sales Manager, Mr. Renzo Nori, is responsible in ANIE for the Sub-group of "Small and Medium Power Transformers", this to emphasize how much SEA is focused on topics related to Regulations related to this sector.