Turnkey supply of a complete protection system based on Petersen coils

Recently SEA made an important turnkey supply and commissioning of a complete protection system for the earth fault compensation by Arc suppression coils, on 10 and 20 kV distribution systems in electric subststation.

The supply and installation activities have been:

Medium Voltage compartments to make the new connections between the medium voltage busbars of 10 and 20 kV distribution systems with the earthing transformers of the arc suppression coils isle and the auxiliary system of the substation 

- Neutral earthing transformers (zig-zag) for the 10 and 20 kV distribution system

- System of neutral grounding impedances  at 10 and 20 kV (automatically adjustable arc suppression coils type)

- Current injection devices

- The devices for earth fault compensation control

- Insulation monitoring devices of all the MV lines departing from the substation (including preparation for future plant expansion)

- MV and LV wirings of all the components of the protection system

- Commissioning of the entire plant service for the exercise both with compensated and isolated neutral, and calibration of the entire protection system 

Together with the commissioning of the plant, our technical team has also carried out a general course related to compensation of earth fault and specific to the systems using arc suppression coils.