The ECO HV/MV transformer for ENEL

SEA SpA has recently positively tested a 25 MVA 132 / 15.6 kV transformer insulated with natural ester fluid and with aluminium radiators.
This will be the first of a series of transformers that will be manufactured for ENEL for the primary electrical distribution substations.

The peculiarity of this transformer is the use of the ester fluid which, regardless of the temperature reached by the same during operation, allows to obtain from the point of view of safety, two advantages compared to the universally recognized mineral oil:

- High flash point: 250 °C compared to 135 °C for mineral oil;
- Biodegradability> 98% in 28 days.

Being able to exploit its dielectric and thermal properties at high temperatures, the natural ester fluid can also be an advantage in optimizing the transformer design, allowing the use of fewer materials for its construction and also a less waste of energy in production and construction processes.

The life cycle assessment (LCA) is the way that can demonstrate the convenience in terms of CO2 produced by a project / design compared to an alternative one, in fact the data that emerged from our analysis confirm that the realization of the transformer with these project criteria it allows a reduction of Kg CO2 equivalent produced.

The HV / MV transformer also complies with the Tier II of the European Regulation 548/2014/CE relating to reduced losses.

SEA, also in this case, has proven to be one of the most advanced international companies in the electricity sector in relation to the study and implementation of projects aimed to a more ECO-SUSTAINABLE future.

SEA Società Elettromeccanica Arzignanese SpA