Single phase transformers for hydroelectric power plant

We have completed supply and assembling of n. 4x15 MVA HV/MV single phase transformers at Valsoera-Telessio hydroelectric power plant, which is Iride Energia's owned.These 4 transformers form the generator step up transformation group with nominal rating 45 MVA and a single phase unit as spare. The power plant is located at an altitude of 2000 meters, into an interesting and fascinating landscape, which made difficult logistic operations indeed!
It was a turnkey job from SEA side and it included a series of activities quite complex and hardly schedulated within the power plant's renewal plan:
- inspection and analysis of particular site conditions;
- disassembling and demolition of exhisting single phase transformers;
- planning, construction and building of four new transformers;
- evaluation of road transit costrains for transport, static test for bridges;
- bridge reinforcement;
- transport, unloading and positioning on site;
- reassembling and thermic treatments;
- testing and site tests

The transport was particularly difficult and it was arranged with a special self-moving convoy (max speed 3km/h) According to SEA's point of view, this was an organization and seriousness task, which has been completed successfully and with pride.
We therefore invite you to visit the photogallery clicking on the link, you can see a wonderful viw... and some steps of our job.