SEA designs and manufactures transformers and reactors to be used in marine applications.

The transformers to be installed inside a ship can be divided according to the use to be done:

  • Marine propulsion (diesel or electrical)
    Normally this kind of transformer has 3 or multi-windings with the possibility to use air to water cooling with the aim to reduce space and increase the protection class.
    SEA can produce converter transformers for multiple pulse applications (6-12-24 and so on).
    Dry type transformers are used specifically in new type of electrical propulsion.  

  • Marine distribution
    These transformers are used to supply power to the internal ship system.
    Different types of transformer are used for auxiliary applications:
    - UPS
    - Air conditioning and services 
    - Lighting, fans and other internal systems  
    - Reactors for electric motors 

Application requirements for this installation include low levels of noise and vibrations.
These transformers have to be compact and with high efficiency. 
Mainly dry type transformers are used but in some cases also liquid immersed are used but with special oils (silicone, synthetic or vegetal ester).
Water cooling can be also implemented.