Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas



Oil & gas application is one of the most technically demanding industries:

  • Off-shore
    Oil & gas platforms needs transformers to supply energy to the their internal system needs.
    Safety, reliability and reduced environmental risk are the key features for transformers used mainly for distribution and services as compressors, motors and drilling machines.
    SEA can offer special paintings suitable for corrosive environments and also different types of layout customization.

  • On-shore
    The on-shore plants can be exposed to different conditions and aggressive enviroment: high temperatures of the desert (>50 °C), tropical conditions or lower than -50 °C, like in Siberia.
    SEA can offer special transformers with very strong features, particular protections for sandstorms, special enclosures, painting or special coatings.
    Also in this case particularly attention has to be made to the corrosion impact on the transformer.

  • Refineries
    This sector can require different types of transformers: distribution transformers or special transformers for drives and converters of pumps or compressors.
    Safety and reduced environment impact are mandatory.

  • Pipes
    Delivery of oil & gas is made mainly by pipelines or ships.
    Transformers both for outdoor applications or 
    in special containers can be used.